Has it been a year...already....?????

I've been away. I've been living a 'normal' life. This has been the most beautiful novelty that I am yet to come across, and there are a range of novelties on the northern coast. I am learning who I am and I am wondering whether this is a life long process that is ever changing. Perhaps it should be. Perhaps that is the only way to be. I certainly prefer to make mistakes, than to wake up one day, still wondering and convincing myself that all is good within my little bubble.

It's been about a year since I wrote as my alter-ego. I think that is because I am finally being the person I've aspired to be. There is something about it that I am very uncomfortable with, I am expecting to wake up.

We moved here just over a year ago because my other half got a job here and we saw our escape from the dead end lives we'd found ourselves in. When we were asked to relocate, we took no time in setting the wheels in motion. We stuck to the rules regarding our home, which was rented. We lived six months without a boiler, with severe damp, a resident mouse and a leaking roof, which restricted us to just one room. We saved up a deposit for a new home and we gave our notice. Then we ended up being unlawfully evicted and were homeless.

We were all sorted within a matter of weeks and we are fine now. Happy to be away from that sort of mentality, which we found was quite common at 'home'.

Since moving here, life has brought different challenges. We have learned a lot about ourselves. We have come to realise that in our short relationship (5 years but our eldest son is 4) we have both used humour to support ourselves through every kind of opportunity. This is something we still do and it has been our life-jacket thus far.

We have found this really difficult to overcome. We now live in a beautiful city, rich with historical importance and stunning sights. The mentality of the average person is completely different. Yet it will always baffle me, as to why most of these people, in their lovely homes, surrounded by fresh air, seagulls and historical landscapes, can be so miserable.

So, I understand that with the level of academic success within such a small city, may lead to a lot of competitive, like minded people living in a small space...and I understand that it does rain A LOT... it also seems that there is a front which people value massively for themselves, but thanks to facebook, a lot of people are having to 'keep up with the jones'. Just to go off track for a second, how many of us, has rearranged a background so we can take a 'natural' photo in our 'everyday' lives...no? Well how many times have you seen someone else's pictures on facebook and wondered A) how they keep their house so tidy...or B) why they haven't tided up for said 'natural everyday' photo... who are you kiddin'?? If I am guilty...and we are realising that I am a polished turd, then you are probably guilty too!

Anyway, I plan to keep you more up to date on my thought processes. I've honestly been lost without you. Over the last year, I've started university and also left university. I've started a few businesses and got distracted. I've moved home. I've moved the kids and the other half has started a new job. We have been to two different schools and had both of our children start pre-school. We had my so called best friend hide chilli's in my toddlers food...yes you did read that right... nothing good ever comes from spoiling a child and her parents will know that now. We have arranged a wedding. we've ate a lot and dieted a lot too...I'd say we ate more than we dieted, but then again that goes without saying, and we were homeless for a while...Out of all of the above, this has been our best, easiest and most wonderful year.

People said that we would find out who our friends are when we had children...they said it again when we moved...but nothing has made people show their true colours, quite like seeing us happy.

Thanks for your patience and continued support.

Enjoy the sunshine...

Dorris xxx